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“This fire extinguisher protects my home and it was easy to make”



everyone had access to simple innovations like water filters, vertical gardens or solar lamps.

This would empower more than 2 billion people to change their lives for the better. The internet offers a huge opportunity to make this vision a reality. Every day, 500,000 new users gain access to the internet. Unfortunately, many of them do not find relevant solutions to their daily challenges here so far.

An estimated 99% of the content on Do-it-yourself-platforms is not relevant for people who, for example, live without electricity, sanitation facilities or other basic infrastructure.

We want to change that, join us on the way into

a more just world.
Launching in 2022

What we do.

We are developing the first inclusive app for step-by-step instructions – for and together with people in underserved communities. Therefore, we bring together creative solutions from local change-makers, social entrepreneurs, universities and international development projects, make them accessible and create reach. By building a community, we empower people to help each other and co-create new solutions.

Think of Hack Your Shack as a mix of Instructables, You Tube and Pinterest but with detailed instructions and business models that are relevant to people in underserved communities and doable with local resources.

Bucket Washing Machine
Tippy Tap - private version
Vertical Garden
Fire Extinguisher
Clay Pot Cooler - pot in plastic dish design
Smart Cooker
Tyre planter
Rainwater Harvesting with EkomuroH2O+
Bokashi Fertilizer - farmers edition
Char2Cool Kiln to make Biochar
Reducing pain during your period/menstruation
Potato Planter
Building Materials
Plastic bottle cutter
Clay Pot Cooler - pot in pot design
Convert a dumpsite into a recreational space

How do you build a water filter, make bio charcoal, start a savings group or grow your own vegetables in a small space? How to found a solar kiosk or a sanitary pad business?

Learn it, make it, get inspired and share your ideas with others.

How can you get involved
and increase your impact?

Hack Your Shack makes it easy to share knowledge. By contributing step-by-step instructions, you or your organisation can reach many more people than before and make your great work digitally and inclusively accessible to a growing community. Profile yourself as an expert, expand your network and learn about the work of others.

The instructions will be shared under Creative Commons license. As a feature, we will also offer the possibility to create private instructions that are only visible within a specific group or organisation.

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Who we are.

We are a young non-profit organisation from Germany with a passionate team in Berlin and South Africa. To fulfil our vision, we are looking for partners, volunteers, donors and people who spread the word. Curious to meet us? We would love to get to know you.

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